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I Put My Trust in Allah, He Didn’t Let Me Down

I had a job when I first moved to Florida. I was a new Muslim and had left South Carolina and was trying to gain knowledge of my deen.

And the only job I could take was a crazy construction job in Florida in the summertime, ninety degrees outside with the high humidity. I’m not made for this type of stuff. But I was doing it because this is the only job I could find.

 I told my boss, “Look! I got to go to Friday prayer. I’m going to take a long lunch today but I’ll stay late.”

 He was like, “You don’t leave this worksite.”

 I’m like, “Look, this is my religious obligation, I have to go to the Friday prayer.”

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He was like, “If you leave the job, then you’re fired.”

 I said, “Well, I’ll see you in two weeks to get my check.”

 I just left, and I said to myself: “Allah is sufficient for me. I’m not going to violate my deen for dunya.”

 So, I went to pray, not knowing how I’m going to get another job, not knowing how I’m going to take care of myself. When I was leaving the mosque, I made dua, “O Allah, my welfare is in Your hands.”

Put Your Trust in Allah – He Gives You From Where You Never Expect

 When I walked outside the mosque, a brother from Palestine, one of the most knowledgeable brothers I’ve ever met in my entire existence, came from Palestine to open up a pizza shop and establish his family here.

He came to me and asked what he said:

“Brother Yusha, do you have a job right now?”

 I said:

“Actually no. I just quit today.”

 He said:

 “Well, I need somebody to work for me.”

 He had me on the spot and gave me double what I was making at the construction job.

This is just one instance of about a thousand that I could give you of how when you put your trust in Allah, He never ever lets you down.