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Don’t Worry about the Future, Rest Assured He is in Control

“What’s going to happen to my job? What’s going to happen with my money? What’s my son going to do? Is he going to rebel? What my daughter going to do?”…

We’re so overwhelmed by these petty things that we forget that Allah controls the future and that He owns it.

It’s Satan’s Trick

Satan wants that you worry about the future, and you just keep worrying. You keep worrying about other people what they’re going to do and how they’re going to feel like you’re in charge and in control of them.

We’re barely in control of ourselves, but we think we can control what everybody else around us is going to do and what their future is going to be; and we want to control their future.

You have a mother ‘dying’ every day, “Why isn’t my daughter having a baby? When is she going to have a baby?”…

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You’re just completely consumed by that. It can be the most innocent of things but Satan wants you to be that way because when you do that:

  1. You’re not happy with what Allah has given you
  2. You easily forget that the one in charge is Allah and the one who is in control over everyone is Allah.

I’m actually not in charge of my children. Once they get to a certain age, what they do is between them and Allah. All I can do is giving them advise, but their decisions are going to be theirs.

If Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can turn to his beloved daughter and say:

Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad, be mindful of God yourself, because I won’t have any control when it comes to standing in front of Him.

That’s what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says to his own daughter, so how do you and I think we have control over others, even within our family?

A Trigger of Negativity and Ungratefulness

He wants us to think we’re in charge and that’s actually something only Allah has the right to. And it consumes our mind with it when you try to control people, it backfires, it never works, you can never control people.

 When you can’t control people, you get even more anxious, you get negative constantly; and when you become negative constantly, it’s impossible for you to be grateful.

Look at this verse:

…and You will not find most of them grateful [to You]. (Quran 7:17)

They’re not grateful because they’re going to be negative all the time, they’re going to be anxious about the future all the time.

This is one trick of Satan to make you confused that you have something to do with the future and make you pessimistic about the future.

“Nothing is going to work out, it’s all going to be bad…” You become so negative yourself and your negativity becomes infectious.

So if you’re pessimistic, how can you have hope in Allah?

How can you have pessimism and reliance in Allah?

With what heart are you making dua to Allah if you’ve already accepted defeat inside you? Thus you cut off the most essential relationship we have with Allah, which is asking Him and having hope in Him..

Satan is hopeless and he want you to be hopeless. These are his attacks from the front.