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Worship God and Seek His Help

One of the most beautiful verses in chapter Al-Fatihah is:

You ˹alone˺ we worship and You ˹alone˺ we ask for help. (Quran 1:5)

If you think about it, why did those things come together?

1- Worship God

It is obvious that it is only You who we worship, everyone understands that. Because Islam is built upon monotheism, the oneness of God; we don’t worship sub-gods, we don’t have minor gods, we don’t have intermediaries…

It’s the direct connection between the creation and the Creator. I don’t need to go to anybody and ask them for help; I don’t need to go to somebody and confess my sins; and I don’t need to go to an Aston to pray on my behalf.

Islam is the easiest and the most practical faith. I myself turn to Allah directly in my living room, in my bedroom irrespective. I can turn to Allah wherever however I want and I can pray to Him and ask Him for what I want.

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This is the beauty of Islam.

2- Seek Help from Him

It is only You who we put our total unconditional trust and hope.  You are the one who can facilitate and answer our questions and solve our problems. And it comes directly after the fact that we worship Him, which means it’s connected.

Meaning if you put that need into anything other than Allah, for example somebody who has a lucky charm, or a ribbon around their arm or neck, they feel that this thing will protect them from harm or evil and will keep them safe… Nothing has the power except Allah.

We don’t put trust in lucky charms, we don’t put trust in horoscopes. We put our trust only in Allah. He is the one who has the ability to do those things.