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Ramadan – The Burner of Our Sins

The word Ramadan that is automatically related to the word in Arabic “armada, yurmidu” means ‘to burn up’.

So some of the scholars have said that Ramadan is called Ramadan because it is a month that burns up and extinguishes all of our sins.

If we think about this beautiful linguistic meaning of Ramadan, it tells us something special about this month. And once we know that this month is special, once we know that this is a month of forgiveness… This is a month that we should all long for.

This is a month that we should see as the ultimate ability for us to reconcile. Not only between us and people but also to reconcile with our Lord, to rectify between us and our Lord.

The Burner of Sins

The greatest aspect of that rectification is repentance, is seeking the forgiveness of Allah Almighty.

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So when we hear this word ‘Ramadan’, what natural should come to our heart is a longing. In essence, what we are longing for is forgiveness from our Lord, because the forgiveness is the beginning of the path.

And once we repent from our sins and that we are attempting to draw near to our Lord, is that repentance has a beginning but it never has an end. What we want to do is to ultimately polish our hearts and to have all of our sins forgiven from the blessing of Allah Almighty.

Not only will He forgive us of our sins, but He will also erase those sins from our Scrolls. He will also erase the traces of those sins from our psychological profile.

So, when we hear the word ‘Ramadan’, we should associate that word with forgiveness. Because indeed Ramadan burns up our sins.

May Allah allow us to attain the highest degrees of forgiveness in this blessed month. Ameen.