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When You Feel Like Allah Doesn’t Listen to Your Dua

In one of the cities that I lived in, there was a brother who was so committed to coming to the Mosque. It was unbelievable Masha’Allah! He’s always in the first row not second not third. He always makes it to the masjid, regardless of the weather, tornado, blizzard, thunderstorm…

What makes it even more interesting is that he does not have a car, he does not use like a bus pass to go to the Mosque, and he doesn’t even have a bike or a scooter. He simply walks there.

Now, after some time, we noticed that the brother stopped coming to the Mosque, and I realized that he must perhaps be very sick. So I immediately went to see him and check on him as my duty towards him.

So, I knocked on his house and he opened the door and I was happy to see him standing nice and healthy. And I said: “Assalamu Alaykum”

And he said: “What the “f****” do you want?”

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He cursed a big word, and I was really shocked.

“Why would you behave like that? You should reply kindly. I came to check on you see everything is fine with you because I haven’t seen you in the mosque for a few days.”

He’s like: “You know what! I’m nice and healthy, right?”

I said: “What happened? How can I help you?”

“You don’t look like you’re in the best shape! What’s going on? Maybe I can support you.”

He said:

“Let me tell you what happened.”

So, he takes me to the basement of his house and he starts explaining:

“For the past six months, I’ve been going to the masjid, praying in the first row… no matter what the weather is like thunder storm blizzard tornado I’m always there. I got no car, no bike, I simply walk all the way to the Masjid.

For six months, I’ve been making dua to Allah, all kinds of dua, not a single one of them has been responded to by Allah… why shall I worship Him after all that work?”

I was so shocked and really sad to hear this and I said to him:

“Brother, haven’t you heard of a hadith of the Prophet when he said that whenever a Muslim makes dua to Allah one of three things happen?

How Allah Responds to Our Dua

When you make dua, Allah:

1- Would make that dua you asked for actually come to reality.

So, if you’re always making dua to cure your friend who is very sick, Allah will cure your friend who is sick because of your dua.

2- If Allah doesn’t do number one to you, Allah will not accept your dua in terms of curing your friend, but He will lift the hardship that was about to fall upon you because of your dua.

3- Allah will save the reward of the dua and He will allow you to taste the sweetness of the dua in the hereafter, when you see all these duas that were not accepted in this dunya transform into rewards.

When the Prophet said this to his companions, they were so amazed by this and they said:

“Then we will never stop making dua.”

The Prophet said:

Allah will continue to give whatever is best for you whenever you ask Him.