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Seeing the Prophet in Your Dream

I want to share a story.

A student asked a sheikh: “I want to see Prophet Muhammad in my dream, what is the formula? How can I see the Prophet in my dream?”

The Sheikh told him: “Come over this evening, and I will show you how you’re going to see the Prophet.”

The student came over and the sheikh prepared a meal for him. And on the table spread, the food was very salty, and lot of pickles… and you know what, this food can make him thirsty and no water was served.

He asked for water and the sheikh said:

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“There is no water” “Now go and sleep and in the morning I’ll teach you how to see the Prophet in your dream”

So the man went to sleep and in the morning the sheikh asked him:

“What happened last night? Anything out of ordinary?”

He replied:

“I dreamt about rains and rivers, I saw occeans.”

So all his dreams were about water. The Sheikh told him:

“Your intention was sincere so your dream was in conformity to what you were truthful regarding; and if you were truthful regarding your love for the Prophet, you would’ve seen him in your dream”.