My Great Journey to Madinah, City of Prophet Muhammad

We’re standing here today in the city of the Prophet Muhammad, Madinah, where about 1400 years ago the Quran was being revealed in this very area to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

It’s a very spiritual and historical place you can imagine. The verses are from Allah are being revealed and brought by the angel Gabriel and then revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) basically where we’re standing in this immediate area. In this great city!

And behind us here, is the mosque of the Prophet. Of course, in the beginning it wasn’t this big. It was a very simple structure with palm trees, palm fiber, and the ground was just dirt and dust and pebbles. A simple great place!

Beside that was the house of the Prophet (peace be upon him). A couple of very interesting things about it:

One is that if you do your prayer here it’s worth a thousand times any other mosque in the world, except for the one in Makkah, that’s a different story.

So, if you pray here five prayers a day, you get five thousand prayers you prayed somewhere else five thousand times.

Inside this structure in the green dome area is where the Prophet’s house was.

Now, the Prophet (peace be upon him) died in the lap of his wife Aisha.

There was a narration, which he said that basically the Prophets are buried where they died, and so he was buried in his house. The grave of the Prophet is inside the structure behind us.

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You can imagine how emotional this is when you’ve seen people there! If you love your father, your uncle, your wife, your husband… and they died and when you visit them in the grave, you feel something spiritual from that.

So, this place is great place and amazing place. It’s filled with historical significance. There is mosque Quba’ which was the first mosque built, and it’s also talked about in the Quran as the first mosque built on taqwa.

Another mosque that they have here is masjid Al-Qiblatayn where the Qiblah was changed from Jerusalem where the Muslims used to pray to the Kabah in Makkah where they were commanded to face in the prayer.

So really this place is filled with blessings, it’s filled with greatness.

The inside and the top floor it’s very simple structure. There’s just carpets, there’s no big couches and those lavish stuff… It’s amazing! It can hold over 500,000 people to perform prayer.

Can you imagine all these people are just going to pray? And you don’t feel worried, don’t get all my stuff going to be lost, someone’s going to hurt me… You feel peace and tranquility in your heart when you’re here.

It’s a great spiritual journey to come here and visit this great place, and pray here to get the good deeds from God for doing this.

I recommend anyone, all of you who are interested in coming here to do it.

It’s a great adventure, and great journey.