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This Indonesian Woman Passes Away While Reciting Qur’an

A video showing an Indonesian woman collapsing while reciting the Qur’an has gone viral, with many people praying for the deceased.

The 22-second video is believed to be from a religious gathering showing the woman slowly falling back as people rush to rescue her.

The woman, reading verses from Surah Al-Baqara, was later attended to by medics, only to be pronounced dead later, suffering from a possible cardiac arrest.

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Social media users shared the footage, praising her and saying “it was an honorable way to die.” They also prayed to Allah to grant her a place in paradise.

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Several incidents were reported earlier where people died suddenly while offering prayers or reciting Quran.

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A similar incident was reported in 2018 when a Pakistani Muslim expat in Saudi Arabia collapsed while praying.

In 2017, an Indonesian Quranic reciter died during a televised recitation of the Quran. Sheikh Ja’far AbdulRahman was a revered Indonesian Quran reciter.

Also in 2017, a Saudi university professor passed away a few seconds after concluding the Asr prayer in his mosque.

Also, Syrian Mu’adhin Abdul Haq al Halabi died while waiting to call the adhan for Fajr prayer at a Jeddah mosque.