Pushing Boundaries, Perceptions, This Muslim Woman Eyes Miss Empress Crown

A Muslim woman has made it to the semi-finals of an online beauty pageant that empowers women to give back to the community and better themselves as individuals, IOL reported.

Her goal behind this is to push boundaries and perceptions, as well as uplifting her community.

“I always wanted to be a model and due to the fact I always received a no, I saw this as a platform that I can build my brand and that someone can notice me and be able to see my value,” South African Petronella Aaisha Khumalo  said.

Khumalo, 24, who lives in Joburg, is a Gauteng semi-finalist in Miss Empress South Africa competition, held under the motto of “Beauty with Brains & Purpose”.

The pageant is an online performance-based competition.

Khumalo said: “They are trying to train us to become influencers, also create our own social media channels and blogs.

“All the activities that I do, I have to post them on my Facebook and Instagram,” she explained.

Provincial winners will take part in the grand finale in Durban on December 16, where they will compete on the ramp.

For Khumalo, the competition gave her an opportunity to give back to the community.

“I have bigger dreams and a caring heart. I love volunteering and giving back to the community.”

“I help clean up parks; for example, the Northcliff Eco Park, Albert farm and more. I was also involved in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos,” said Khumalo.

She also helped the Malaika Children’s Orphanage in Hillbrow and Marang House in Randburg.

“I collect all types of donations and hand them out to the children. It makes me so happy to see their smiles and joy being reflected on their faces,” she said.

“I know my passion for giving back to the community and my dedication to the planet will continue to grow and that I have inspired and given hope to someone that there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” Khumalo added.

Beauty Pageants in Islam

Islam is the religion of morals; as it protects a woman’s honor and dignity, it also raises her status and preserves her chastity.

On the issue of beauty and pageantry, Islam intends to safeguard women from all attempts to render them into mere beauty objects.

According to Muslim scholars, the Islamic Shari`ah obligates covering the `awrah and protecting honors.

What’s common in non-faith-based Miss World contests is that the contestants are required to display their God-given architecture for the whole world to review and this is absolutely haram.

That’s why Muslim scholars state that Muslims are not allowed to organize or participate in these contests.

In an online poll conducted by AboutIslam in June on Hijabi pageantry, majority of the respondents consider it as detestable and void of justifications, while some view it as a very good and important Islamic alternative for women.