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Palestinian Rapper Living in Israel Urges UN for Protection

A Palestinian rapper with an Israeli nationality has said he is scared for his life, calling on the international powers and UN to step in and save him and his people.

Speaking to ABC News, Tamer Nafar said armed Israeli settlers have been roaming the street of Lid city, where he resides with his wife and two kids, shouting death to Arabs after the recent outbreak of Gaza war.

“As a citizen of the most democratic country in the Middle East, I called the cops. … At the same time, I’m seeing a lot of settlers coming from … all over … and they are equipped with short Uzis and with weapons,” he told ABC News, while also pointing to a video on his Instagram of the moment.

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Nafar said that when he called the police, the woman on the phone told him not to worry and that they would “take care of it.” However, from his apartment window, he said the police were actually protecting these people.

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“I’m seeing me, having two kids in my house unarmed — as I said, my only weapon is my microphone — and I’m being locked in my house and I have armed people being protected by police,” he said.

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“So she gave me the supervisor of the police and the supervisor of the police told me, ‘Sir, I don’t owe you any answer,’ and then she hung up. And this is how we feel unprotected.”

“So, as somebody who is scared for his life, the only solution is that somebody, any organization, [like] the UN … since the Israeli police is … not protecting me, I’m asking for protection,” he added.

“Me and another 1.6 million Palestinians held hostages inside of Israel.”

Black Lives Matter

Nafar suggested Palestinians should learn from the success of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

“As somebody who grew up on hip-hop, I can say that I’m very inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. … I owe the African American culture a lot,” he said. “I can see a resemblance to the African American struggles, but I’m not comparing struggles. I’m being inspired by other struggles.”

About 21% of Israel’s population are Arab Israelis – some 1.96 million people, according to a report by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (Dec 2020).

At least 222 Palestinians have been killed in airstrikes, including 63 children, with more than 1,500 people wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry