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Muslim Hailed for Rescuing Drowning Father, Daughter from Lake

A Muslim man has been hailed for his act of bravery, jumping into an Austrian lake to save drowning father and daughter.

Askar Al-Hajri, a Saudi citizen who was spending holiday in Austria, said he saw a young girl fall from a 5-meter-high fence into a lake.

“The girl was sitting on the fence as her father snapped photos of her before she suddenly fell into the lake,” Al-Hajri told the Saudi news channel Al Ekhbariya, Arab News reported.

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Looking over, he found that the father had jumped to rescue his daughter. The situation got worse when both of them disappeared under the water.

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“That’s when I had to take action and save them,” he said during the interview.

Al-Hajri jumped into the lake and was able, with the help of his friends, to get the girl and her father out of the water.

“I had the feelings of a father watching his daughter in the lake. I did not hesitate for one second to jump in the lake with the thought that we either live together or die together,” he explained.

A video showing Al-Hajri and one of his colleagues in the lake widely circulated online with social media users praising Al-Hajri as “a hero.”

The Saudi Embassy in Vienna has also hailed him a “hero” for his courageous actions.

“We offer our gratitude to this Saudi hero,” the embassy said.

What Al-Hajri did falls in line with similar heroic acts done by some other Muslims.

For instance, some Black Muslim teenagers were hailed as “heroes” after running into a burning building to rescue residents in East London last week.

Earlier in June 2022, Dr. Hakan Acar, a Canadian Muslim lawyer and a law professor, drowned while trying to rescue a friend in Lake Simcoe, Southern Ontario.