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Libya Floods: A Tale of Derna’s ‘Miraculous House’

  • A house in Derna, Libya, survived catastrophic floods that destroyed neighboring homes.
  • The house’s walls, doors, and windows remained intact despite being only 400 meters from the shore.
  • The owner of the house is rumored to be supporting orphans and memorization of the Qur’an.

As catastrophic floods hit Derna, Libya, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, one house stood undamaged, defying the odds and capturing the attention of many.

While the floods and mud submerged homes, the house showed remarkable resilience, as its walls, doors, and windows remained miraculously intact, in stark contrast to the neighboring homes that had been reduced to rubble, Albawaba reported.

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Located only 400 meters from the shore, the social media has been awash with news about how the house miraculously survived the stormy flood.

Currently, there has been no official statement about the house, but some social media users have been making speculations about the owner of the house, as some say he’s a philanthropist who supports orphans, allowing them to live in the house.

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Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoudi weighed in, saying, “The owner of this house saw his home stand firm amidst the torrential floods… It’s said that this man sponsors orphans and supports the memorization of the Qur’an. God is great.”

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Record rain turned into a disaster when two dams burst, sending flood water through the center of the Libyan port city of Derna last September 10.

At least 11,300 people have died, and another 10,100 are missing. Ahmed Zouiten, a WHO representative in Libya, said that the flood was a “disaster of epic proportions.”