Then Kennedy, Now Sheikh Osman – This Ghanaian MP Converts to Islam

A Member of Parliament (MP) in Ghana has converted to Islam, changing his name to “Sheikh Osman,” Ghana Web reported.

The MP, Kennedy Agyapong, said he converted to Islam after discovering it was the religion of peace.

He cited his experience in Pakistan where he lived with Muslim friends and was fully convinced the religion was indeed a religion of peace and could foster development.

He added that the name “Sheikh Osman” was bestowed him by the Muslim community.

A few days ago, he revealed that he developed a deeper love for Muslims during his arrest in 2012 where some youth saved him with their prayers.

He explained that some Muslim youth, both men and women, were spotted seriously praying for his release some few meters away from the police headquarters.

He also recalled that another group of Muslim youth went to his cold store at Ashaiman to boil coffee just to keep an eye on the cold store to prevent angry youth from ransacking the place.

In an interview with Net 2 TV, cited by Ghana Web, he recalled, “When I came out of the armored vehicle, I saw some Muslims who had sat on the ground near the police headquarters praying for my release.

“I was so touched, Muslims in Ashaiman went to my cold shop to watch the place for me, Muslims in Mamobi also had a picture of President Akufo-Addo then NPP flagbearer with a mine attached to it. I’m always happy to reciprocate the love shown me.”

In Ghana, the 2012 census of Ghana Statistical Service put the number of Muslims at 45% who descend from different ethnicities other than Akan.

Ghanaian Muslims constitute the majority in north Ghana as Islam started to spread in the country since the 10th century before Christianity which arrived later in the 15th century.

Earlier this month, American singer Della Miles converted to Islam, saying she learned much about the faith during her stay in Turkey.

Two weeks ago, Brazilian footballer Sergio Ricardo Neves converted to Islam, making his umrah to Makkah in Ramadan,

The Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, also known as Magda Davitt converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada’ Davitt last October 2018.

Indian TV actress Dipika Kakar has also embraced Islam before marrying Indian actor Shoaib Ibrahim, saying she is proud to be a Muslim.

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