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Islamic Relief Offers Urgent Aid to South Asia Flood Survivors

As monsoon floods displaced hundreds of thousands in South Asia, a leading global Muslim charity has delivered a much-needed urgent aid to those affected by the flooding, Islamic Relief wrote in a statement.

“Tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes, and since the weekend, over 100 people have lost their lives. The downpour has stopped in Nepal, but India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are braced for more heavy rain in the coming days,” the group’s statement read.

“In Nepal, we have teamed up with Oxfam and Care Nepal to provide essential items like shelter materials and soap. We will also raise awareness of child protection in emergencies, through our ongoing scheme to tackle child trafficking in Nepal,” it added.

According to officials, the death toll in monsoon flooding in South Asia has climbed past 160 as millions of people and animals continue to face the brunt in three countries, ABC News reported.

At least 90 people have died in Nepal and 62 in northeastern India’s Assam state over the past week. A dozen have been killed in flooding in Bangladesh.

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In Nepal, the Home Ministry said about 36,728 families were affected by the monsoon rains. The flooding and mudslides forced some 13,000 families to flee their homes.

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Islamic Relief promised to offer support to those affected.

“The disaster has affected nearly 1.5 million people in 16 districts of Bangladesh. Islamic Relief will give affected families emergency cash to pay for urgently needed items like food, hygiene products and repairs to their homes,” it said.

Experts predict that flooding and other natural disasters will become even more common as the planet continues to warm.

Tackling climate change is a key priority for Islamic Relief, which works with many communities that are suffering from its effects.

Islamic Relief Worldwide was established in 1984 in response to the famine in Africa.

Islamic Relief is a truly global organization, working in more than 40 countries providing emergency aid, carrying out long-term development, and campaigning for change.

The group’s international headquarters are based in Digbeth, in Birmingham, UK, but it also has offices in countries including Bangladesh, USA, Germany, Iraq, Lebanon, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, and Mali.

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