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Islamic Relief Marks 38th Anniversary

Almost four decades ago, a group of British Muslim doctors and activists founded London-based Islamic Relief charity in 1984, united towards a common goal of a kinder, fairer world.

Yesterday, the charity turned 38, celebrating decades of work to sustain both Islamic and humanitarian values to help people lead empowered and dignified lives across the world.

“Today is Islamic Relief’s 38th Anniversary! Founded on a mission to support those most vulnerable, we have grown into a leading international charity – providing aid, advocating for change and saving lives of millions in over 40 countries! Thank you for your support! ” Islamic Relief wrote on Twitter.

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Helping People

Over the past decades, Islamic Relief has provided assistance to whoever needs it, in line with Islamic teachings and regardless of gender, religion, or race.

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Islamic Relief’s key areas of work are humanitarian relief and disaster preparedness; development programs that improve access to sustainable livelihoods, healthcare, education, water, sanitation and hygiene; and advocating on behalf of those in need.

In reaction, many people have shared messages of support for the remarkable efforts exerted by the charity over the past decades.