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Egg Donated for Kashmir Mosque Construction Raises Rs226,350

In an extraordinary display of generosity, an elderly woman’s seemingly modest donation of an egg in a fundraising endeavor to build a new mosque in Kashmir has proved to be the unexpected catalyst for a remarkable turn of events.

Surpassing its market value of Rs 8 manifold, the egg garnered an astonishing Rs 226,350, more than $2700, during a spirited auction orchestrated by the mosque’s dedicated committee.

“We were collecting donations when a woman from a small house came to me with her head down and held an egg and asked me to accept it,” a member of the mosque committee said, Gulf Today reported.

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He added that this woman is a very poor widow who lives in a small dilapidated house with her only son.

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The news of the simple auction reached every corner of the village and people showed up to buy the egg for the mosque.

Like any other auction, the egg exchanged many hands with buyers, who would eventually return it for another auction to raise more money for the mosque.

Highest Bidder

A man named Danish Bhat, a local businessman, purchased the egg for Rs 70,000, the highest in the auction list for an egg.

“We are very eager to complete the construction of this mosque at the earliest. As the mosque is planned to be big, the funds needed are also rather large,” Danish, a resident of neighboring Warpora area, told PTI, reported.

“I am not a rich man but it was just my passion and emotion towards the sacred space…,” he added.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized the rewards of building mosques. He said, “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”

This teaching underscores the eternal benefits of contributing to mosque construction—rewards that continue to accumulate even after one’s passing.