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Only 5 people can offer prayers at the same time in this miniature marvel

World’s ‘Smallest Mosque’ of Ancient Era

If you happen to visit Mir Mahmood Saheb mosque in Hyderabad, India one day, you will be stunned by this majestic and awe-inspiring miniature structure.

With just 9.2 ft x 12 ft, totaling just 110 sq. ft or 10.21 sq. mt, only five people can pray at the same time inside its building, Hyderabad News reported.

That is why Mir Mahmood Saheb masjid is being referred to as the world’s ‘smallest mosque.’

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Perched on a scenic hill-top on the banks of Mir Alam tank, this hidden gem was named after the Sufi saint who came from Iraq during the rule of Abdullah Qutb Shah, in the 16th Century.

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World’s 'Smallest Mosque' of Ancient Era - About Islam

The mosque, built in stone with only one arch and two minarets, is so small, that not more than five people can offer prayer in it at the same time.

This miniature mosque is believed to have been built during the early 16th Century when the coastal tracts of Andhra, including Kondapalli and other forts, were annexed by Sultan Quli of the Qutb Shahi dynasty in 1530 AD.

World’s 'Smallest Mosque' of Ancient Era - About Islam

However, this miniature mosque cannot be considered for the ‘Smallest mosque’ tag since prayers are not offered inside the structure and also, prayer is not offered five times a day in this masjid.

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