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Bollywood Star Quits, ‘Turns towards Allah’

Over the past years, several Bollywood actresses have abandoned entertainment industry, either for converting to Islam or taking the decision to be more religious.

Actress Sanam Chaudhry became the latest actress to take a similar decision, announcing on her birthday that she has taken a step back from her career and ‘turned towards Allah,’ The International News reported.

The TV star, who is famously known for her work in Ghar Titli Ka Par, replaced the “Actress” in her Instagram bio with a “Muslim mother,” who’s “learning Islam”.

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Sanam, who has removed all her photos from the feed, shared a clip hinting at a celebratory surprise from her family upon supporting her decision.

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“My family welcomed me this way, on turning to Allah … this is so heartwarming… Thank you,” she wrote alongside the video.

“Those following the religious path have such pure hearts. Everyone is congratulating and welcoming me to the right path with beautiful words. And everyone is ready to teach me from the Qur’an. So much motivation already! May Allah guide us all!” she added.

Married to singer Somee Chohan, Chaudhry has only kept photos from her marriage ceremony on her Instagram for public viewership.

Quitting Showbiz

Over the past years, a growing number of celebrities have been converting to Islam or quitting industry to follow a righteous path.

Earlier this year, Pakistani actress Humaima Malik appeared donning hijab in a post on social media in March 2021, praying that she would be able to wear in for the rest of her life.

In October last year, Indian actress Sana Khan quitted Bollywood and entertainment industry to “serve humanity and follow the order of my Creator.”

Award-winning Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim quitted showbiz industry in 2019, saying that working in such an industry constantly interfered with her iman (faith) and threatened her relationship with her religion.

Indian TV actress Dipika Kakar embraced Islam in 2018 before marrying Indian actor Shoaib Ibrahim.

Earlier in 2014, famous young Indian actress Monica decided to revert to Islam, donning Islamic headscarf and quitting the film industry.