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Al-Azhar Grand Imam Urges Climate Action amid Flooding, Heatwaves

From an Islamic perspective, environmental activism is grounded in honoring the relationship between oneself, Allah, and Allah’s creation. 

Allah says in the Qur’an, It is He who has appointed you vicegerent on the Earth … (Qur’an, 6:165)

Leading the way for Muslim scholars, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, has voiced his support for countries facing flooding and heatwaves around the world, calling for an action on climate change, Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

“The recent flooding and record rise in temperatures around the world, which have caused hundreds of deaths and displaced many more, should reinforce the need for serious action towards combating climate change and safeguarding humanity from this undeniable threat,” he wrote on Twitter.

Al-Tayyeb is considered the highest Muslim scholar to tackle the issue of climate change publicly recently. 

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In April, Pope Francis said the world was “at the edge” of an abyss in a summit held by US President Joe Biden to tackle climate change.

“Both the global catastrophes, Covid and climate change, prove that we do not have time to wait,” he said.

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Deadly Heatwaves, Floods

China’s worst floods in centuries and a deadly heatwave in Canada, where the mercury hit 49ºC last month, are the latest catastrophes linked to rising global temperatures.

In Germany this month, nearly 200 people died when torrential rain led to fast-moving floods in the Rhineland states.

Historically, Muslim scholars coupled their study of nature to their understanding of Allah (God). The Qur’an articulates how eco-consciousness permeates every aspect of life and explains nature as a complete, complex, interconnected and interdependent system.

Verily, We have created everything in equal proportion and measure … (Qur’an, 54:49).