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101-Year-Old Female Pilgrim Arrives Madinah for Hajj

After decades of yearning to Hajj, an elderly 101-year-old Indian Muslim woman has arrived Madinah to perform the life-time journey of Hajj, Saudi Gazette reported.

The woman, Attaar Bibi Hussain Baamar, is the oldest in Indian pilgrims this year.

Baamar had a special reception at Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz airport in Madinah where her flight landed.

The centenarian pilgrim came to Hajj accompanying her 60-year-old son and a daughter.

Muslims from around the world pour to Makkah every year to perform Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Hajj consists of several ceremonies, which are meant to symbolize the essential concepts of the Islamic faith, and to commemorate the trials of Prophet Abraham and his family.

Every able-bodied adult Muslim who can financially afford the trip must perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime.

Hajj 2019 will commence on Friday, 9th of August 2019 and will continue till Wednesday, 14th of August 2019; in the evening time.

It is highly recommended for elderly people to take a medical hand out for their health conditions; especially if they take life saving medications. Also youth are urged to offer help to elderly people during Hajj rituals.

A total number of 200,000 Indian Muslims are set to perform Hajj this year, setting a record for the Muslim community in the Indian peninsula.