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Top Stars to Feature in Football Match for Gaza Kids

In a fantastic unified show of support for the people of Gaza, Nujum Sports will host the Children of Gaza exhibition charity football game on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, at The Hive in London, with a 3pm kickoff.

The event aims to raise funds and awareness for Palestinian children, featuring professional athletes and retirees, Asian Image reported.

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“All children need to be protected and cared for no matter what their socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or faith,” founder and CEO of Nujum, Ebadur Rahman, said.

“Our duty of care goes beyond borders, and we must act now to make sure our response is genuine, impactful, and urgent.”

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The line-up is expected to star top current and former European players, including Robin van Persie, former Man United striker and all-time top scorer for the Dutch national squad; Sam Morsy, Ipswich Town captain and midfielder; Emile Heskey, former Liverpool, Leicester City, and Aston Villa striker; and many more big names.

In addition, players from the Scottish Premiership, Championship, Leagues 1 and 2, as well as Turkish, Algerian, and other leagues will be on the field.

Rahman praised El Ghazi for “championing” such an initiative and speaking out against injustice and advocating for all Palestinian children.

Nujum Sports aims to ’empower Muslim athletes’. According to its website it has spent over five years “contributing to the understanding of Islam in the sports industry.”