Sadio Mané Picture Shows How Far He’s Come

An emotional image of Liverpool Muslim superstar Sadio Mané during his time as a young player in the French Metz club has surfaced, perfectly encapsulating his humble and modest beginnings.

The picture also shows the huge success the devout Muslim player has achieved over the past decade, Sportbible reported.

“He saw I got a camera, and he asked me to take a picture of him because he wanted to show his mother,” a reporter who published the photo said about Mane according to a tweet by a Liverpool fan.

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“I asked him for his email address. He shook his head. He only gave me the address of the club (Metz). At last, he asked ‘It’s free, right?’

“I noticed a funny guy in the team (Sadio) because he took a Japanese-style bow to anyone he met. He said that the scout of FC Metz just found him in some rural area in Senegal, and he really appreciated the chance,” he added.

Mané, 27, is the captain of the Muslim West African country of Senegal.

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He started his career with Metz in France, then transferred to Red Bull Salzburg in 2012. After winning the Austrian Bundesliga and Austrian Cup in 2014, he was signed by Southampton only to join Liverpool in 2016.

Mané has earned 60 caps for Senegal since his debut in 2012 and represented the national team at the 2012 Olympics, 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, 2017 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. A few days ago, Mané won the 2019 Premier League Golden Boot with 22 goals.

Devout, Humble Player

The Muslim footballer, who was seen cleaning the toilets at a mosque in Liverpool, is known as a very humble person.

“He comes to the mosque often. At his house, he has a Bentley – but he comes to us in a not-so-fancy car, so he is incognito,” said Abu Usamah Al-Tahabi, the imam at Al Rahma Mosque in the Toxteth area of Liverpool.

“He’s not a person looking for fanfare. There’s no arrogance.

“Sadio comes from a poor community. He is the type of guy who will help. He has a lot of initiatives and has helped build a mosque in his home village.”

In July 2019, Mané was spotted visiting the construction site of a school he’s building in his hometown village in Senegal.

Mané has also delivered a hospital and a mosque to his people as a give-back initiative.