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Fans Rejoice As Muslim Footballers Shine at Ballon d’Or 2022

Muslim fans celebrated Muslim players’ achievements during Ballon d’Or awards, with Real Madrid and France forward Karim Benzema winning the prestigious award, thus becoming the only second Muslim to earn the glory.

Benzema was ahead of Senegalese Muslim star Sadio Mane, who came in second place, while Mohamed Salah, Egyptian Muslim star, came in the fifth place.

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Kid’s Dream

Benzema had his best season ever at Madrid, being the top scorer in both leagues. Karim Benzema scored 50 goals and 16 assists from 56 matches at the club and the national level last season.

Benzema also successfully won four trophies, namely the Spanish League, Champions League, and Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid, as well as the UEFA Nations League with the French national team.

“I’m really proud, it’s a lot of work and a kid’s dream come true,” Benzema said after getting the award.

In addition to coming second on the Ballon d’Or, Bayern Munich star Sadio Mane won the Socrates Award which acknowledged his charity work in his native Senegal.

The former Liverpool man is known to be highly charitable, he built a public hospital and funded schools and families in his home village. He also donated to the Senegalese National Committee to fund Covid-19 support.