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Water: It Also Flows in Paradise

Having Best Zamzam Water

Water: It Also Flows in Paradise - About Islam

To have the best water that we can, it needs to be filtered in some way. All filters remove dirt, rust and sediment, although some do a better job than others.

Most department store filters will take out 98% of chlorine and up to 95% of heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury and copper, and significantly reduce zinc, cadmium, and sulfates. More sophisticated filters like a Katadyn will take out 100% of parasites, cysts and bacteria.

There are many choices of models – you can purchase a countertop distiller, a six-step ultraviolet sterilization unit, or reverse osmosis units with varying degrees of advancement. In the end, each of us should choose the system that best suits us.

A system that claims 100% removal of bacteria would be an over-kill for someone drinking chlorinated tap water. A person living in a farming district would want to make sure they have a unit that filters pesticides, and a person in urban areas or the suburbs may want to get their water tested before they make a final decision on what system they will use.

We can also buy bottled water; however, many studies show that much of it is about as good as what comes out of the tap without a filter.

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In conclusion, for those of us who are not fortunate enough to live next door to the well of Zamzam, we need to seriously consider purifying our water – whether it be for drinking, bathing or swimming in. The Qur’an says (21:30), “We made water essential for every life.”

In order to supply our bodies with this very essential nutrient, we have to consider whether what we are actually absorbing and consuming is, in fact, real water.

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