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Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul

Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul - About Islam


Children are usually fascinated by clouds. Taking some time to sit outside before dinner can be a great opportunity to point out the clouds above us.

The children can help spot the ones that are moving gently, and ones that Allah has joined together into a heap.

Hail and lightning may not seem so scary to children if they know that it’s Allah, the Most Merciful, that is in control of it all.

To bring it to another level, parents can help children learn the scientific names for the different types of clouds. The high, wispy clouds are known as Cirrus clouds. They look almost like hair with curled up ends. Another type of cloud that sits a little lower is the Cumulus cloud. They’re the puffy clouds with edges that are distinct. The clouds that produce lightning and thunder are called Cumulonimbus clouds. These cover the sky like a blanket.

Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul - About Islam

Living Organisms & Life

A hike to a forest or a trip to the zoo can turn into a fun scavenger hunt for the different types of animals listed in this verse. After observing the different creatures, one can think about how they would be classified according to the verse.

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The way in which animals move depends largely on the environment in which they live.

Some animals are fast, while others move slowly and deliberately.

There are many factors which correlate with how the animals move about, such as how they obtain their food, the land on which they live, and how they reproduce.

For example, some animals must cover great distances in order to reach their food. These animals must have ways of movement that accommodate such physical demands. Some lands are large and flat such as grasslands.

The open spaces found in these areas provide animals with an opportunity to build up their speed. It is by no coincidence that some of the fastest animals can be found in grassland. Allah designs animals in the most perfect manner to suit the environment that they live in.


Next time a bee flies by, instead of ducking in fear, this ayah can be discussed as a reminder of the majesty of bees and the benefits of honey.

Science has proven that honey has a number of scientific benefits. It contains an anti-infective component.

This component can help heal skin wounds, coughs, and intestinal ailments. It is also known to contain anti-oxidants.

An interesting study found that 32% of cancer patients that were studied attributed honey to an improvement in their quality of life as it strengthened their immune systems which led to them contracting fewer infections.

These are just a few of the many ayahs that discuss nature in the Qur’an and can be used as a springboard for delving into various scientific topics this summer.

These ayahs help shape our view of nature and help us to see beyond the surface. Summertime is here, and nature is just waiting to be discovered.

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