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Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul

Nature has a strange way of calming the soul and reviving the spirit. Within minutes of arriving at the ocean, you can feel a sense of harmony covering you like a blanket.

Staring at a mountain range can only leave a person awestruck and reminded of how small we are in this world.

Observing the fixed order in which the sun rises and sets leaves those who reflect upon it craving to create that same sense of order in their life.

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In essence, taking the time to enjoy nature can mean taking time to strengthen your faith.

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Summer time is upon us, and while some may spend it tucked away indoors with the air conditioning on, why don’t you use this time as an opportunity to take full advantage of what the outdoors has to offer.

A unique way of doing so would be to structure your outdoor activities around the verses of the Qur’an. The Qur’an offers several verses that remind us to reflect upon the beautiful outdoor world that surrounds us.

So why not dedicate some of your time this summer for each of these verses, and truly consider their meanings?

Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul - About Islam

Look Up to Sky

For instance, the birds come out and chirp at dawn. It’s the perfect time to step outside before heading to work or school and think about our Creator holding them up in their flight. This can infuse the rest of the workday with the notion that everything we’re accomplishing is by Allah’s will.

Birds are able to defy gravity and soar through the air due to a complex body structure surpassing that of airplanes.

They must have a skeleton with light bones so that it can have a lower mass than that of their feathers.

Streamlined bodies also allow them to glide smoothly when they are flying.

Perfectly curved wings also allow them to obtain the lift they need to float in the sky. Internally, they have chambers with air sacs to store extra oxygen needed for their flights.

Since flying makes their bodies generate increased amounts of heat, their respiratory system is designed to regulate their body temperature to keep them from overheating. Allah has given them a majestic body structure with which to fly.

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