Smiling: Low Cost Medicine?

As Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) teaches us as Muslims, “Your smile for your brother is charity.” (Narrated ‘Aisha [The Prophet’s wife] -may Allah be pleased with her).

Prophet Muhammad smiled, often and with real joy. In fact he smiled so regularly that his smile and kind demeanour are mentioned time and time again in anecdotes and stories from his traditions.

Abdullaah ibn Haarith said, “I never came across a person who smiled as much as Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad regarded smiling to a brother as an act of charity.”

Jarir ibn Abdullah said; “The Messenger of God never refused me permission to see him since I embraced Islam and never looked at me except with a smile (on his face).”

What Science Says

Biologically, a smile is a motion of muscle fibers when muscles flex at the sides of the mouth.

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Did you know your smile can be a somehow biologically predictor of how long you can live — and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being?

Discover some great benefits of smiling in this video. And prepare to flex a few facial muscles as you learn more about this evolutionarily contagious behavior.

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