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Scientist Says He Found Definitive Proof that God Exists

A newsfeed went viral this morning throughout the internet when dozens of websites copied a story that says a worldwide famous physicist has reached a scientific evidence that God does really exist.

Referring to the well-known American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, they said “one of the most respected scientists of today says he has found evidence of the action of a force ‘that governs everything’.”

According to these websites the highly respected futurist said to have developed a theory that might point to the existence of God.

The internet portals continued that the information has created a great stir in the scientific community because Kaku is considered one of the most important scientists of our times, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory which is widely supported throughout the world.

To come to his conclusions, the physicist made use of what he calls “primitive semi – radius tachyons,” one of the websites said.

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Physicists define tachyons as theoretical particles capable to “unstick ” the universe matter or vacuum space between matter particles, leaving everything free from the influences of the surrounding universe.

The websites informed that after conducting the tests, Kaku came to the conclusion that we live in a “Matrix”.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence”, he affirmed. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.”

“To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance,” Kaku said according to the websites.