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Rocky Texture of Surat An-Naba’

Surat An-Naba’ or “The Announcement” is the 78th surah of the Holy Qur’an. It’s located in the Juz’ number 30. This Meccan surah contains 40 verses divided into two equal parts of 20 verses each. The first 20 verses are filled with the wonders of the worldly creation (the earth, plants, the peace of night shared by loving couples, the mountains and rain).

The later 20 verses talks about the eternal wonders and horrors of the next world with raging sinner being punished starkly opposed with the rewarding of dutiful believers in paradise.

In this episode of the program “Reason”, the famous Egyptian geologist Dr. Zaghlool Al Najjar discusses the topics mentioned in the verses with some Egyptian Muslim youth in Iqraa TV Channel.


This article was first published in 2009 and is currently republished for its relevance.

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