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Begin Your Path to Health This Ramadan

Autism, autoimmune disorders, adult onset diabetes in children, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue syndrome are all new diseases in our vernacular.

Never before have we been plagued with so many non-communicable diseases.

This rise in degenerative diseases, especially the rise of Autism has led Dr. Mary Meagson to assert that we have altered the human genome.

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These changes greatly have to do with the foods we eat and don’t eat. The work of Weston A. Price greatly highlights this connection.

Harvard medical school professor, Dr. John Abramson in his book Overdosed America, stated that the rates of cancer and heart disease were both reduced with simple lifestyle changes, like diet, rather than by medical intervention.

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Yet, most people look for a pill to solve their ills instead of looking at their food choices. It is easier to pop a pill than to change your diet.

Most of the food choices people make are the types of diet mistakes that are causing our epidemic of lifestyle diseases. They are diet fads that change more according to the commercial food industry than due to science.

Recall when we were all advised to consume margarine instead of butter and it turned out that we were all better off consuming butter because margarine can cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer?

Saturated fat is not bad for us; it is the man-made hydrogenated oils that are causing the rise in degenerative disease.

Most of the studies that conclude that saturated fats are bad used hydrogenated oils and not butter, lard or coconut oil.

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About Anisa Abeytia
Anisa Abeytia, B.A. USC , M.A., Stanford is an integrative health specialist currently pursuing a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. Over the past ten years Anisa has pursued various fields of holistic and traditional medicine. She has studied at the oldest herbal school in the United States and pursued a two year certificate program in Islamic Healing. She writes regularly on the topics of health and nutrition. She maintains the website Women's Healing Circle, a site dedicated to the natural health of women and their families.