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Pros & Cons of Garlic’s Medicinal Properties

Garlic, despite its offensive odor, has remained a part of the domestic arena with properties established in traditional and holistic healing practices. Natural healers know that garlic is a powerful medicine.

Recently, however, modern medicine has also studied garlic as more and more bacteria become increasingly resistant against man-made antibiotics.

In their studies, scientists have found that garlic is indeed a powerful healer but that it doesn’t come without some dangers and side-effects.

Natural healers are aware of these side effects as well and often take them into consideration when suggesting garlic as a medicine.

The scent of garlic is one of its potentially harmful side-effects. Scent has a powerful but subtle affect on the mind-body relationship. The Prophet Mohammad (saw) once informed his followers: “Whoever has eaten [garlic] should not approach the mosque” (Sahih Bukhari 7:65 #362).

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Look Deeper

At first this might seem like a personal request, but when one looks deeper, a larger picture can be seen through vibrational medicine.

Within the subtle energies of the human body, the odor of garlic blocks the throat, abdominal and base chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body. All things being related, when the throat chakra is blocked there is an inability to express oneself emotionally.

When the abdominal chakra is blocked there is a sense of self-affliction with psychosomatic illnesses. Awakened, there is an ability to master one’s desires followed by increased intuition. Pertaining to the environment of the mosque, the odor would disturb one’s intent and affect one’s ability to submit in prayer.

The base chakra is concerned with the sense of being grounded. It influences the lower extremities as used in sujud (prostration), especially the thigh muscles and tissues and the circulation in the feet. When one isn’t grounded, there are hidden fears and an inability to focus on important issues.

When this chakra is awakened, one is calm and more able to initiate spiritual practices. If one’s mind is agitated in the state of prayer, then the act of prayer becomes purely physical. Therefore, the unity in congregational prayer becomes disturbed on an energy level.

As such, the sulfur content in garlic interferes with vibrational healing remedies and methods (Gurudas, p.62, 63). Fortunately there is a quick cure for this odor: chewing a sprig of parsley can eliminate any odor before visiting the mosque.

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