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Have a Look at the Signs of Surat Ar-Ra’d

Surat Ar-Raʻd “The Thunder” is the 13th sura of the Holy Qur’an. This Medinan surah is composed of 43 verses. It has Muqatta’at.

This surah is one of the 29 suras of the Qur’an which contain Muqatta’at. These Muqatta’at are unique letter combinations that appear in the beginning of some 29 suras. Muqatta’at literally means abbreviated or shortened.

Their meanings remain controversial and are considered by many Muslims to be divine secrets. They are also known as Fawatih or “openers” as they form the opening verse of their respective suras.

Surat Ar-Raʻd is positioned in Juzʼ (chapter) 13 also. It’s formed of 854 words, 3,450 letters and it contains one Sajdah in the 15th verse.

In this episode of the program “Reason” of Iqraa TV Channel, the renowned Egyptian geologist Dr. Zaghlool Al Najjar explains some of the cosmic signs which Allah points to for us in the verses.

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