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For Hajj Pilgrims: Take Care of These Health Tips

Muslims from around the world pour to Makkah every year to perform Hajj, one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Every able-bodied adult Muslim who can financially afford the trip must perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are preparing for the life-time journey of hajj. In order to avoid diseases and infections during hajj, pilgrims are supposed to abide by a variety of health tips and guidelines.

Below are some of the tips as provided by the Ministry of Health in KSA for pilgrims before embarking on their journey.

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Personal Hygiene:

1. When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue to cover the mouth and nose, or use the arm if you do not find a tissue.

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2. Make sure to wear a mask, and not to come into contact with anyone who shows respiratory symptoms.

3. Wear clean clothes to avoid exfoliation.

Heat Injury and Infection

Sunstroke is a medical emergency that must be treated as soon as possible by:

1. Removing outerwear and cooling the body with water, especially the head and neck area.

2. Exposure to an air source, such as an air conditioner or a fan.

3. Giving the patient fluids and going to the nearest health facility

4. Moving the patient to a cold place. Requesting emergency services

Muscle Stress

Muscle stress occurs as a result of poor physical fitness, excessive fatigue and violent movement. Methods for treating muscle fatigue:

1. Compress the affected area to relieve pain

2. Using a wheelchair if you suffer from muscle fatigue and taking painkillers

3. Cool the affected area to relieve pain

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