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Grains of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

It’s reported by Abu Hurairah that, “Allah never inflicts a disease unless he makes a cure for it…” (Sahih Bukhari).

Some of us may assume that this cure is always medical or herbal, but the hadith doesn’t state that. Two of the greatest cures Allah has given us for heart disease are foods that the Prophet (SAW) ate: whole wheat and barley.

Both of them provide multiple benefits in the fight against heart disease. They both lower cholesterol and increase proper elimination of wastes by the body. Moreover, they facilitate proper blood clotting and improve general circulation and cellular health.

When Sahl bin Sad was asked, “Did Allah’s Apostle ever eat white flour?” he replied, “Allah’s Apostle never saw white flour [from the time] Allah sent him as an Apostle till He took him unto Him.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Modern science has long been against processed bread, even when they are supposedly “enriched.”

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Cheraskin’s book “Diet and Disease” compares enriching white flour with “robbing someone in a dark alley of their clothes and wallet. And then giving them back their underclothes and bus money to get home.”

White flour has no nutritional value. Furthermore, it can leech vitamins and minerals from the body as well.


This is because nutrient-void foods don’t supply all of the nutrients necessary for their digestion; hence, they must take the nutrients that are lacking from the body.

White flour can even mimic white sugar, creating problems for the hypoglycemic or diabetic person (Pritchard, Healing with Whole Foods).

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