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Falling to Cold & Flu Viruses While Fasting

Your nose is stuffy or it is expectantly running, your head is heavy and aching and you know like the back of your hand that you are suffering from a common cold or perhaps that malevolent flu. Your Ramadan is in jeopardy.

I know you feel compunction about withdrawing your fasting for a few days since you are down with a serious cold that has terribly weakened your health particularly that of your  head- the engine of your body.

Your hankie is busy spreading out the viral attacks against your recuperating body, your lovely handshake and soothing hug for your family members may translate into a home full of flu sufferers.

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Colds and flu are like grass snakes, they aren’t harmful as such, but they have the potential to nail you down onto your bed for days or for some weeks depending on the strength of your immune system.

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They aren’t lethargic like cancer, but they are perturbing and embarrassing especially when you are having a running nose coupled with an expectant cough.

Ramadan is particularly difficult time to suffer from many of the contagious upper respiratory infections. Your body might be at its weakest due to lack of routine eating and drinking.

And yes your doctor cannot do much about colds and flu that are so common with us that most people use homemade remedies to deal with its problematic symptoms.

The reasons why your doctor might not help is that antiviral medication helps manage flu but more often than not if fails to treat.

Patients rely on their body’s natural mechanism to fight small and harmless opportunistic infections like colds.

Cold and Flu

Flu or Cold?

Get the facts right: flu is caused by an influenza virus which is contagious; while scientists say there are many different viruses present in our neighborhood that causes colds. It is believed the number exceeds 200.

Viruses are spread and bred through globules that are coughed and sneezed out by an infected individual.

Once you are infected, coughing, sneezing, sore throats and headaches are your next door neighbors.

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