This Eid, Here’s How to Resist Overeating

Man eating huge burger at table

9. Wait for at least two hours after dinner before going to sleep. (Abdul-`Aal).

10. When you feel like you’re not hungry anymore (half-full), get up and brush your teeth. It changes the taste of your mouth and indicates closure. Do not hang around food longer than necessary!

11. Do not eat with people who tend to overindulge. Obesity, according to a recent study, is catching! (

12. Use the “rule of two.” Only serve a maximum of two items on your plate. You can always go back for two others when you are done! The less variety on your plate, the less overeating you will be doing. (Mieszkowski).


13. “We eat with our eyes, not with our stomach,” said Prof. Wansink. (Mieszkowski) In fact, we eat 92 percent of what we put on our plates. Downsize your serving plates, drinking glasses, and meal dishes. Also, dish out packaged food (such as chips) beforehand to keep track of the amount you consume.

14. Increase the physical space between you and food. By simply placing the chocolate at the other end of the table or in the kitchen, you will decrease your intake. (Mieszkowski)

15. Keep some paper and a pen close to the refrigerator and take notes. Stop your mechanical eating habits in their tracks by asking yourself these three questions before you reach for food:

  • “How do I feel right now?”
  • “What is my reason for wanting to eat something?”
  • “Is the food that I am about to consume really beneficial and nourishing to my body or am I trying to substitute food for feeling hurt, frustrated, angry, disappointed, or bored?” (

Bon appetit!

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