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Barley: Ancient Food for Future Nutrition

Curing Cell Death

Biologist Yasno Hotta of the University of California identified P4D1 in barley, which has a strong action on human DNA. PD41 suppresses and cures cell death and delays aging as well as curing pancreatitis, stomatitis (inflammation of the oral cavity), dermatitis, lacerations of the stomach and duodenum.

He also found barley water or juice to be stronger than steroid drugs with fewer side effects. Dr. Hagiwara found damaged DNA repaired itself quickly when barley juice was added. The high chlorophyll content in barley neutralizes and removes toxins from the body.

Experiments show chlorophyll to be similar to human hemoglobin and when given to anemic animals, the red blood cell count returned to normal within 4 -5 days of administration (Hagiwara p.5, 6).

In terms of crop improvements, plant scientist Dr. A. Rafiq Islam of Australia has produced a hybrid of wheat and barley in wheat cytoplasm. His stocks have been utilized in 200 laboratories around the world for the mapping of protein and isozyme genes and he is currently researching into the water and saline tolerant genes found in the wild variety only found in the Middle East in order to improve wheat (adelaide p.1).

The variety ‘Rihane 03′ is produced by ICARDA and is grown over 200,000 hectares in Iraq due to increased yield. This could contradict the aim to collect the wild variety as opposed to the ‘pedigree’ varieties grown in developed countries (CGIAR p.2).

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Would it not be more profitable to look at improved means of sustainable farming practices?

Otherwise it would seem that we stand to lose the heritage of Hordeum spontaneum. With famine and war everywhere, this provides the immediate answer to appropriate food aid preventing disease and malnutrition.

In addition, as an introduced crop where food is scarce, barley could act as an important source of food providing an economic base beneficial to both humans and animals. It is only global food politics that prevents the best use of the world’s natural resources and the world’s most nutritional plant.

Yemeni Barley Soup

1 cup dried barley, ½ cup dried lentils, 6 cups of water, 3 small diced onions, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tsp. tumeric, ½ tsp. ground black pepper, 1 cup of cooked chickpeas.

Fry onions in hot olive oil until golden. Combine in a saucepan with all the other ingredients except for the chickpeas and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 1 – 1½ hours stirring occasionally. Then, add chickpeas near the end of cooking time. And, Bon appetite!

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