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Bio Miracle of People of Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf)

Was Human Hibernation the Process!

Alive But Dead! Bio Miracle of People of Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf)

We All know that some animals can hibernate, a low energy state of sleep such that they can survive a long sleep. Researchers are looking to apply hibernation-like techniques already used in medicine for space travel. Trials to test if ‘freezing’ a person for weeks is okay are already underway; the recent hype of cryonics is a real example.

Surrender to Allah

Space scientists clearly see what benefits hibernation could have for the future of space exploration: reduction of food, water, and waste, smaller living quarters, less weight required for supplies, and last but not least, a reduced psychological impact on crew members.

It’s as if this Qur’anic Surah reminds us that Allah alone knows the unseen; that situations in life appear in a way we don’t understand. The Surah hence urges us to have trust in Allah and surrender to Him so that we can be assured protection from temptation, God willing. Allah (SWT), who alone knows the Unseen, predetermines the course of events in a way man totally ignores and can never predict as in the case of the young men who sought refuge in the deserted cave and ignored what will happen to them.

Surat Al-Kahf (the Cave) was called so in order to make man aware of his ignorance of the Unseen, and it’s also a message for Muslims: leave the Unseen to Allah and put your trust in Him. Just as the young men sought refuge in the cave and Allah sent down His mercy upon them, do seek refuge in the ‘cave of Da’wa (the call to Allah) and surrender your situation to Allah (SWT) so that He will spread for you of His mercy and pave the way for you to obtain whatever you like.

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People have engraved the names of the seven young men on a wooden or a copper tablet, so that they would be always remembered for the coming generations, and no one would forget them. Good deeds that are done are never a waste, and for that came the famous ayah (Qur’anic verse):“Surely the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness, surely We do not waste the reward of him who does fair deeds” (30:18).

Alive But Dead! Bio Miracle of People of Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf)

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