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5 Essential Apps To Utilize This Ramadan

During this blessed holy month many Muslims observe the Ramadani rituals whilst managing their businesses.

In light of this, entrepreneurs managed to benefit from technology in fulfilling rituals and at the same time keep their energy levels up and remain productive.

There is an unprecedented number of apps on iOS and Android that can be downloaded to help with productivity, fitness, shopping, food and charity during Ramadan, but which are the best ones?

Tasnim Nazeer of ForbesMiddleEast provides you here with a rundown of the five most essential apps that you can utilize to get the best out of Ramadan and enhance your overall productivity:

Ramadan Legacy is the world’s first fully-featured app designed around being productive during Ramadan. The app features 30-day action plans, diary accounts of reflections, prayer times and the ability to share your Ramadan experiences during the holy month.

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The app also has a knowledge hub of inspirational content for those who want to stay motivated and be inspired. The app is available on both i0S and Android.

Another app is the innovative Wain Nakel app which saves you time in discussing where to eat and makes the selection for you based on your location, budget and preferences.

The app was developed by Sultan Al Khayal from the UAE after having a dispute on where he and his friends should eat.

The app has been updated specifically for Ramadan giving you a choice that matches your preferences.

On its behalf, is often considered to be the Amazon of the Middle East, it is the largest online e-commerce outlet in the Arabophone world.

Mobile phone users will be happy to use the app, which enables you to surf over 600,000 products enabling you to get all your Eid shopping done on time.

ShareTheMeal is another app developed by the United Nations World Food program. It allows you to donate and feed a child with one tap of your phone.

Ramadan is a time to think about those who live in hunger throughout their lives and also a time to give charity which makes this app perfect for those wanting to take action and give to deserving children around the world.

Fasting has many benefits for the body, as it works as a physical and spiritual detox. However, it can be easy to feast and build up calories when it is time to break your fast.

While My Fitness Pal is an app that enables you to keep track of your calories and chart your diet.

It is important to stay fit and healthy during Ramadan and this innovative app enables you to keep track of what you eat so that you can record your daily food intake, reach your goals to lose excessive weight and make sure that you are on the right and healthy track.

This article is from Science’s archive, originally published in June 2017, and is now re-highlighted for its importance.