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Positive Lessons from Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that took place some days ago in southern Turkey, I stopped to reflect and ponder and realized that it is a powerful reminder of who I am and what to do. Here are three things I learned: 

Live the Moment 

The incident has strengthened in me the belief that life is very short and worth nothing. to be obsessed with. It has taught me that nothing should be taken for granted; that whatever you have now may turn to nothing in the blink of an eye. 

I have learnt a lesson that I should just live for the present, because yesterday is gone and is no more;  the very next second is in the Unseen. So I only have “now.” to live. This “enhanced” belief will  certainly help me become more focused and relaxed. 

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Positive Lessons from Turkey-Syria Earthquakes - About Islam

Altruism and Empathy 

Another important point is that the high spirit of philanthropy and selflessness I have noticed so far, in reaction to this cat catastrophe, has shown me that there is still good in life and people act like one body in compassion and empathy. 

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Amid the extended economic crisis, I can see people doing their best to help with what they can. I saw people leave their warm beds and head , rushing towards the airport to help rescue their brothers and sisters in faith.

I saw a businessman donate everything in his big store to the victims and I witnessed families competing to foster hundreds of babies and children who lost their parents. 

People from all places and of different ages act like an orchestra. Everyone is playing his part in such a time of crisis. 


At this time of economic crisis, people get too materialistic, focusing only on how to earn more and continuously nagging and complaining about what we lack. Yet, we fail to appreciate the good things we have at hand. Even one single breath that only people trapped under the debris can understand is life itself! 

The earthquake reminds me that this life is only a waiting station to my destination and that I’m eternal. If I were among the dead, I would leave whatever I have earned here and only my good deeds that will accompany me. 

The earthquake has taught me that no matter our differences, we can still be like one body; if one part of the body is aching, the rest is aching too. 

Certainly, the latest earthquake has awakened the hero inside us!

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