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Op-ed Piece on War on Gaza

Gaza Tragedy & the West: When the Last Mask Fell Off

Attempts are expected to be made in the realm of education as well, to uphold the customary Western point of view concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict. No un-Western (un-Israel) elements are to be permitted and tolerated. 

By way of illustration, shortly after the Gaza carnage had started, triggered by a desperate liberatory-cum-defensive initiative of Hamas, “a Massachusetts-based public school district sent its teachers a resource that argues Israeli terrorism has historically been significantly worse than that of the Palestinians.”

The content of the resource was authentic, and its commentary was sensible. Everything was scientifically verifiable.

As expected, though, the move was rejected and severely criticized. It was declared prejudiced and un-American. Accordingly, Parents Defending Education director of federal affairs, Michele Exner, said Revere Public Schools “should be ashamed” for spreading “anti-Semitic lies and propaganda.”

She insisted: “It is unconscionable that anyone, let alone educators connected to America’s K-12 classrooms, would be trying to find moral equivalency between the nation of Israel and the evil terrorists that targeted and brutally murdered innocent people, including babies.”

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Likewise, ESPN, NBA, and Hollywood – among others, or the rest – did not want to be outdone in their unsubstantiated and blind support for the terrorist state of Israel.

More than 700 actors and Hollywood executives have added their signatures to an open letter condemning Hamas for “barbaric acts of terrorism in Israel.” 

However, things get a bit interesting here. The signees of the Hollywood open letter emphasized that “the nightmare that Israelis have feared for decades became a reality as Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli cities and towns…Under the cover of thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian populations, Hamas murdered and kidnapped innocent men, women, and children. They kidnapped and murdered infants and the elderly. They raped women and mutilated their bodies.”

That Hamas murdered women and children and also raped women and mutilated their bodies, is not merely a flagrant lie, but an act of foolish ingenuity.

It surely takes more than just an extraordinary level of moral apathy and mental idiocy to come up with something like that. It requires abandoning terrestrial judiciousness and decency in full and entering into an infernal covenant.

The Hollywood statement tells volumes about two things: first, those people are so intoxicated with the fictitious and propagandist ethos of Hollywood that they cannot distinguish anymore where fiction stops and reality takes over, and where deception should die away and veracity should take charge.

Second, those collective downright lies are a window into how the West has been formulating its ungodly historical narratives for centuries and how in the end it became immune to righteousness and self-respect.

It is perplexing as to when people will start recognizing that occupation is not synonymous with resistance, and persecution not analogous to fighting for freedom.

To be honest, there should be little surprise in the case of Hollywood, for what else to expect from persons who “act” and “pretend to be someone else” their entire life, and who never say anything other than what has been “scripted” for them.

Gaza Tragedy & the West: When the Last Mask Fell Off - About Islam

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Israel: “Child” of the West

The illegal creation of the state of Israel is shrouded in myriads of mysteries and controversies. Some are political, others economic, but very few – possibly even none – are purely religious.

What is clear, though, is that Israel was established by the West, predominantly Britain. Britain wanted to make Palestine its permanent colony (a Crown Colony), but such proved unfeasible in the long run.

A valuable alternative was to create a Zionist state in Palestine instead, inside the heart of the Muslim world.

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Dr. Spahic Omer, an award-winning author, is an Associate Professor at the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He studied in Bosnia, Egypt and Malaysia. In the year 2000, he obtained his PhD from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the field of Islamic history and civilization. His research interests cover Islamic history, culture and civilization, as well as the history and theory of Islamic built environment. He can be reached at: [email protected].