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Year After Shooting, Quebec Mosque Helps Homeless

QUEBEC – One year after the fatal shooting that resulted in the death of six Muslim worshippers, the Islamic center in Quebec, Montreal, joined a national campaign to help the homeless facing freezing winter weather.

“In our faith, all homeless people, without exception, are people who need our attention,” said Mahédine Djamai, the spokesperson of the Centre Culturel Islamique du Québec, Montreal Gazette reported Sunday.

“It is our duty.”

The mosque announcement followed the launch of a national appeal by Islamic Relief Canada to help the homeless during the winter season.

The international charity will be partnering up with local organizations in five cities to launch an emergency winter response to deliver winter kits to those living on the streets and in shelters.

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Winter jackets, boots, hoodies, thermal underwear, scarves, gloves and feminine hygiene products are just some of the items in the winter kit that volunteers and staff will distribute to the homeless on the streets and in shelters – starting this weekend.

The distribution date hasn’t yet been determined, but organizers aim to do it over the next week.

Quebec Muslims were touched by the solidarity of Quebecers after the attack on the mosque in January 2017.

“It’s normal that the CCIQ is involved with the citizens of Quebec and Quebec City,” Djamai said. “It’s a perfectly normal way to give back.”

“It will cost a lot, but we will do it,” Shamaoukh said.