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Woman One Step Closer to Becoming Delaware’s First Muslim Lawmaker

State and local elections over the past few years have paved the way for Muslim women across the United States to shine and break records.

According to a report on American Muslims in public office, from 2016 to 2019 approximately 138 Muslims have been elected to office nationwide.

The situation isn’t much different in this year’s elections.

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In the Democratic primary in Delaware, Madinah Wilson-Anton, defeated longtime state Rep. John Viola (D), bringing her one step closer to becoming the first practicing Muslim lawmaker to serve in the state’s General Assembly, The Hill reported.

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Wilson-Anton, a 26-year-old progressive and former legislative aide, acknowledged the close race, defeating Viola who has served as state representative for more than two decades.

“We won by 43 votes. 43 VOTES! Every. Single. Vote. Matters. THANK YOU! I am humbled by the trust that the voters have placed in me. Now, it’s time to win in November and get to work implementing our people-powered agenda. I’m proud to be on the side of the people,” she tweeted last Wednesday.

The progressive candidate runs on the agenda to push for public school funding, criminal justice reform and affordable health care.

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History Makers

Wilson-Anton’s win followed earlier strings of success earned by many American Muslim women in 2020.

For instance, Nida Allam, made history in March by becoming the first elected Muslim woman in North Carolina.

In November 2019 elections, American Muslim groups celebrated the historic win of American Muslim candidates after a total number of 34 won elections.