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With Inspiring Song, American Rapper Rallies Around Pro-Palestine College Protesters

American rapper Macklemore dropped a fiery protest track, “Hind’s Hall,” backing pro-Palestinian activists on college campuses, condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The title references Columbia University protesters renaming Hamilton Hall after 6-year-old Hind Rajab, who was killed by Israeli troops in Gaza, The Independent reported.

“The people, they won’t leave,” Macklemore raps on the song, the video for which showed footage from protests.

“What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace? The problem isn’t the protests, it’s what they’re protesting. It goes against what our country is funding.”

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Columbia Students Occupy Hamilton Hall Amid Pro-Palestine Protest

In Hind’s Hall, Macklemore describes Israel as “a state that’s gotta rely on an apartheid system to uphold an occupying violent history been repeating for the last 75 [years]”, and says he has experienced support from Jewish people in solidarity with the pro-Palestine protests.

“We see the lies in them, claiming it’s anti-semitic to be anti-Zionist / I’ve seen Jewish brothers and sisters out there and riding in solidarity and screaming ‘Free Palestine’ with them”.

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He addresses Joe Biden, saying “blood is on your hands”, and says he will not be voting for him later this year.

In “Hind’s Hall,” Macklemore accuses the music industry of being “complicit in (its) platform of silence,” he sings.

Macklemore announced that all proceeds from streams of the track will be donated to UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.