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What Muslims Demand from Biden

What Muslims Demand from Biden - About Islam

What Muslims Want

To understand what Muslims want, we first have to know what Muslims are. American Muslims are Muslims plus: black, brown, Hispanic, white, immigrants and/or others. This means that an African American might be suffering first because of being a Muslim, then multiply this suffering for being a black living in America.

The black Muslim community, for example, would share much of the daily challenges with their African American non-Muslim fellow citizens. This would include police brutality, discrimination in housing, employment, and credit, inferior education, etc. Or, to put it shortly, systemic racism that has been ingrained in the American history against blacks, as many supporters of BLM would put it.

Even within the black Muslim community, there are African Americans who have been living in the US for generations and others who are first- or second-generation immigrants from Africa. The latest might have been living their worst days for being Muslim, black and an immigrant living in the US under Trump.

The same goes for the rest of the American Muslim community. This means that Muslims share many demands with other communities discriminated against in the US.

Photographer: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Photographer: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Justice for All is Justice for Muslims

Besides demanding the new president for lifting injustice imposed on Muslims, American Muslims should demand justice for all. The just causes of blacks, for example, should be something that Muslims fight hard for in the same way that they fight for canceling the Muslim ban.

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So, Mr. Biden, here are some demands that CAIR laid out clear to you in a public statement:

  • Ending bigoted and discriminatory immigration policies
  • Mandating state and local law enforcement to report use-of-force incidents
  • Defending Constitutional rights in schools, the workplace, and elsewhere
  • Supporting faith-based initiatives
  • Establishing equity in federal government hiring practices
  • Ending the national security overreach

As for the rest of our community-specific needs, American Muslims are now able to push their own candidates and win key positions nationwide. We will take care of ourselves.

“In-shaa’ Allah” you will be as good as you promised, Mr. Biden.

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