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US Muslims Launch New Guidelines Against Racism

The Detroit-based Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC) group has launched a new series of community-specific guides created as a resource for engaging in antiracism work within American Muslim communities.

The announcement was made on the group’s official Facebook page.

“That first in this series is the ‘Anti-Racism Guide’ which is written for White Muslims by White Muslims under the guidance of the anti-racist principles of the American Muslim organization; ‘Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC)’,” it read.

The ‘Anti-Racism Guide’ for White Muslims is a resource for White Muslims who are engaging in antiracism work and/or simply participating in discussions about racism in the society and in the American Muslim community.

The ARC explained that its new guide is “a resource that speaks to specific needs of White Muslims who are navigating the process of deepening their understanding of racism and looking for concrete examples of how, from their specific social location, they can contribute to advancing antiracism in American Muslim communities.”

Muslim ARC is a racial justice education organization with a vision that focuses on education and liberation.

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US Muslims Launch New Guidelines Against Racism - About Islam

The organization works to create spaces for learning and developing racial equity, connect people across multi-ethnic networks, and cultivate solutions for racial equity.

Started in 2014, ARC is considered to be one of the biggest faith-based human rights education Muslim organizations in the US. The group works on several projects of educating and training Muslims regardless of their ethnic backgrounds on racial justice.

Muslim ARC has reached nearly 10,000 people on the ground and hundreds of thousands online in more than 30 American cities where it offers consulting services, workshops and training, and a membership program.

On February 10, 2014, the group launched the hashtag #BeingBlackAndMuslim which began trending globally in 7.5 hours on Twitter and within the month, and they led a workshop on racial justice for 250 Muslim teens in Detroit.

In reward for its fruitful efforts and promising plans, ARC received in 2005 ‘the 50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups’ award which is presented by Ummah Wide digital media American start-up.

“Our unique approach to racial justice education has impacted thousands of people of all backgrounds and ages. We have provided tools for individuals and institutions to use to work toward increased racial equity and a safe, welcome, and equal world for all,” the organization states.

Islam is the 3rd largest religion in the USA, after Christianity and Judaism. A 2017 study estimated that 3.45 million Muslims were living in America, about 1.1% of the total US population.