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US Muslim Woman Offers Prayer at Presidential Inauguration for First Time

Debbie Almontaser is set to make history Thursday as the first Muslim American woman to offer a prayer at the traditional presidential inauguration service.

Almontaser, a community activist of Yemeni descent, shared the news on Twitter earlier today.

“The stay tuned announcement dropped today! It’s an honor for me as the 1st Yemeni American woman to have been invited to offer an inaugural prayer! This is an affirmation of the Yemeni community and its suffering under the #MuslimBan.”

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Almontaser is an American schoolteacher and community activist. She was the founding principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy, a New York Arab-themed public school, named after the Christian Arab poet Khalil Gibran.

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Imam Azhar Subedar, Imam, IACC will also participate in the Virtual Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service along with a wide range of faith leaders.

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According to the Biden Inaugural website, the “America United” inaugural activities will honor our traditions while safely allowing more Americans than ever before to participate from their own homes.

Then President Joe Biden will join the virtual event hosted by the Washington National Cathedral, and the service will be livestreamed at https://bideninaugural.org/watch and https://cathedral.org with closed captioning and ASL provided.