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US Muslim Rep Calls for Muslim, Jewish Unity against Hate

American Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar has called on the Muslim and Jewish communities in the US to unite against hate after recent attacks targeting both faith communities, Yeni Safak reported.

“We know that many of the people who are targeting the Jewish community for anti-Semitism are also targeting the Muslim community for Islamophobia,” Omar said in an interview with Democracy Now radio program.

“And so we have to collectively work together to uplift our voices and say no to hate. We know that both our communities here in the United States are targeted by white supremacists.”

According to a Pew Research Center poll earlier this month, the majority of Americans say Muslims face discrimination, and the number of people who say Jews face discrimination doubled since 2016.

American Muslims have been asking for more security for their mosques and Islamic centers after the attacks on mosques in New Zealand on a Friday prayer, churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, and a synagogue in California on Saturday.

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“We know the conservatives are doing everything they can to distance themselves, to disinform the public about the monsters that they helped feed, that are now causing devastation in mosques and synagogues,” Omar said.

“If we are not collectively wising up to that reality then we will suffer the pain of it.”

Omar is the first Somali-American (and hijab-wearing) Congresswoman in the US.

Omar’s journey to become the US first Somali-American Muslim lawmaker began in a refugee camp in Kenya when her family was escaping Somalia’s brutal civil war.

In 2014, Omar was named a rising star in the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party’s Women’s Hall of Fame. She received the 2015 Community Leadership Award from Mshale, an African immigrant media outlet based in Minneapolis.

Moreover, in 2017, Time Magazine named Omar among its “Firsts: Women who are changing the world”, and her family was named one of the “five families who are changing the world as we know it” by Vogue in 2018.

Omar’s calls come as Muslims prepare to welcome the holy fasting month of Ramadan.