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US Muslim Parents Unite with Conservatives Over Politicization of Schools

Examining his kids education process closely during the COVID-19 lockdown, Shukri Abdirahman, a Somali-American who ran for Congress this year as a Republican in Minnesota, discovered critical flaws within the education system imposed in different schools.

“With our children and doing in-person learning, we saw the curriculums and how teachers were responding,” Abdirahman told Fox News.

“Slowly it became apparent that our children were learning more about gender identity and critical race theory, than they were about math and reading.” 

US Muslim Parents Unite with Conservatives Over Politicization of Schools - About Islam

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Abdirahman said she was stirred to action when her six-year-old son was scolded in school for saying “oh God” after falling down in school.

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Ever since, she’s worked to mobilize the Somali American community in support of the Minnesota Parents Alliance. 

The alliance in Minnesota is one of many formed recently across American states between Muslim parents and conservative groups who work together to push back on progressive policies being adopted by school districts across the country.

“We’re hearing from folks in the community that they’re tired of the politicization of the schools their children attend,” said Preya Samsundar, the Republican National Committee’s Midwest communications director.

“It’s not just explicit materials in schools, but they’re concerned about [COVID-19] lockdowns, distance learning, the quality of education, woke politics in classrooms, and the achievement.” 

US Muslim Parents Unite with Conservatives Over Politicization of Schools - About Islam

More Alliances

At a recent school board meeting in Wilmer, Minnesota, nearly a dozen Somali American parents showed up alongside conservative activists to protest reports of LGBTQ pride flags being flown at K-12 educational institutions.

Muslim Americans, from Dearborn’s large Middle Eastern population, also turned out in high numbers to protest the school district’s decision to include LGBTQ books in school libraries.

The alliance between conservative education activists and Muslim Americans has also been on display in Virginia, Missouri, and Michigan. 

“Muslim Americans want the same thing as any parent in this country,” said Abdirahman.

“The right for their children to get a quality education without being indoctrinated. This shouldn’t be political, but it seems only like conservatives and Republicans agree.” 

The alliance between parents and conservative groups has given Republicans a hope of expanding their party as GOP officials in Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota are working to make inroads with Muslim voters using the issue. 

“I am proud to stand with the parents of Dearborn,” said Matthew DePerno, the Republican nominee for Michigan attorney general.”

“We must fight against the sexualization of our schools.”