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COVID-19: Tips to Ease Anxiety and Stress


Anxiety can lead to insomnia and sleep-related problems. The fear of the unknown can result in difficulty falling asleep, awakening in the middle of the night, and having a difficult time falling back asleep. 

People are encouraged to reduce nightly screen time and caffeine and increase their daily intake of sunlight, healthy meals, and exercise. In addition to these practical tips, Muslim are encouraged to say the recommended duaa for sleeping, “In Your name my Lord, I lie down and in Your name I rise, so if You should take my soul then have mercy upon it, and if You should return my soul then protect it in the manner You do so with Your righteous servants.” Making duaa for a peaceful sleep is highly effective in combating sleeplessness and 


Although stress and depression are expected during a global pandemic, mental health experts are deeply concerned about individuals who may already have a predisposition to depression. The unprecedented threat of COVID-19 can exacerbate the symptoms of depression and potentially lead to a mental health crisis and suicidal thoughts.

Depression is recognized as a medical illness and must be treated medically, however, there are a few practical tips to help offset some of the symptoms of depression. Journaling, creating a wellness toolbox, and positive affirmations have all been linked to supporting the symptoms of depression.

Muslims are encouraged to increase their reliance on Allah SWT, daily readings of the Quran, and supplications to Allah during times of depression and sadness. 

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So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with every difficulty there is relief} [Al-Sharh:5,6]

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